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DLS Pathology Services.

Experts in end-to-end digital pathology

At DLS Pathology Services, we believe that every medical service, with the appropriate support, can develop the pathologists and the laboratory expertise required to support the needs of its local community.

How we operate

DLS Pathology Services uses Cloud-based models to bring solutions and personalised service directly to our clients. DLS Pathology Services, a network of experienced pathologists and scientists, works in partnership with experts in areas as diverse as file-streaming and machine-learning, to help find the solutions that clients need to provide superior pathology and clinical services. We have a personalised approach that empowers local service providers, provides reliable and professional consultative services based on affordable subscription models and encourages the client to be part of the creative process.  


DLS Pathology Services recognises that each pathology service has specific requirements and budgets. Accordinglywe offer flexible pricing models.

Service Model

Don’t let your local expertise wither – nurture it with help from DLS Pathology Services.

Going Digital

Helping you create your digital future.


Committed to local pathology support at affordable prices.

Whole-slide scanner technology

Digital pathology whole-slide scanners have progressed a long way from the prototype models developed at the turn of the twenty-first century.  Whole-slide scanning is now becoming an affordable option for clinical services of any size. 

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