DLS Pathology Services.

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Our mission

Our mission is to support and develop local pathology services,
no matter what the budget or location.


Recent progress in digital technologies means that no pathology service should be limited by remote geographical location, lack of local support, limited budgets or the shortcomings of traditional glass-slide (analogue) pathology workflows.


At DLS Pathology Services, we believe that every medical service, with the appropriate support, can grow and flourish to support the needs of its local community.

Neural network model with thin synapses

DLS stands for Deep Learning Solutions which underlines the Company's aim of developing and utilizing deep-learning and other machine applications as much as possible for the benefit of clients.


Our People

Jeremy Parry



Director and Head of Core Pathology Support (CPS)

  • Specialist support in all areas of histopathology

  • Sub-specialist expertise in haematopathology and digital pathology

  • Consultation services (second opinions)

  • Primary reporting

  • Support and development of digital pathology applications

  • Technical and academic support for pathology services

  • Educational support and lecturing

  • Managing Director duties

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Dr Parry is a Consultant Anatomical Pathologist and the founder and Managing Director of DLS Pathology Services. Dr Parry has a background in the biological sciences and 14 years’ experience as a pathology Consultant reporting complex pathology specimens within the public and private pathology system in Australia. Dr Parry has sub-speciality expertise in haematopathology, gastrointestinal pathology, soft tissue and digital pathology and has multiple publications in peer reviewed journals. Dr Parry is the Coordinating Principal Investigator on multiple digital pathology machine-learning projects in collaboration with academic institutions including Murdoch University (Perth, Australia) and CSIRO (Australia) and speaks regularly on topics in digital pathology.


Cleve Magree


Senior Consultant Pathologist

  • Specialist support in all areas of histopathology and cytopathology

  • Sub-specialist expertise in breast, gastrointestinal, pulmonary and uropathology

  • Consultation services (second opinions)

  • Primary (personalized) reporting

  • Educational support and lecturing

  • Advice and support with digital technologies

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Dr Cleve Magree is a Consultant Pathologist and a founding member of DLS Pathology Services. Dr Magree has extensive experience in the public and private sectors across a broad range of histopathology and cytopathology specimens, with particular expertise in breast pathology, gastrointestinal pathology and uropathology. Dr Magree is the lead pathologist on numerous multi-disciplinary (tumor) boards in Australia and is fluent in the application of digital technologies including digital remote pathology support.

Patrick Hosking


Extended Consultation Network (ECN)

  • Consultation services (second opinions) in all areas of histopathology and cytopathology

  • Sub-specialist expertise in haematopathology, head-and-neck, renal and Amyloidosis

  • Educational support and lecturing

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Dr Patrick Hosking is a Consultant Anatomical Pathologist with more than twenty years’ experience reporting complex specimens in pathology within the Australian public hospital system. Dr Hosking has internationally recognised sub-specialist expertise in haematopathology, head-and-neck pathology and renal pathology, with multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals. Dr Hosking was Director of the Department of Anatomical Pathology at a major Victorian hospital for 15 years and offers a busy haematolymphoid consultation service for clinicians and pathologists throughout Australia. Dr Hosking is Lead Pathologist for the Victorian and Tasmanian Amyloidosis Service and is Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the Eastern Health Clinical School, Monash University (Melbourne, Australia).

Slavko Mutavdzic


Laboratory Support Service (LSS)

  • Technical support in all areas of laboratory medicine

  • Development and support of immunohistochemistry (IHC) services

  • Development and support of laboratory quality assurance (QA) programs

  • Education and lecturing

  • Application of digital technologies in laboratory medicine

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Slavko is a Medical Scientist with over 30 years’ experience in public and private medical services in Australia and abroad. Slavko has managed laboratories in Australia and Vietnam and has entrepreneurial experience in medical application projects.   He has extensive experience in laboratory medicine with emphasis in Anatomical Pathology as well as research experience including multiple peer-reviewed publications.  With specialist knowledge in immunohistochemistry (IHC), Slavko is at present a Senior IHC scientist with the largest public pathology service in Perth, Western Australia.

Hang Quach


Extended Consultation Network (ECN)

  • Specialist support in all areas of haematology

  • Sub-specialist expertise in malignant haematolymphoid diseases

  • Consultation services (second opinions) for haematology cases

  • Clinical support for haematology services

  • Clinical support and leadership for clinical trials in haematopathology

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Associate Professor Hang Quach is a Consultant Clinical and Laboratory Haematologist servicing major tertiary hospitals in Victoria, Australia and holds an Honorary position at The University of Melbourne. A/Prof Quach holds multiple clinical positions including Director of Haematology Clinical Trials at St Vincent’s Hospital, co-chair of the Myeloma Disease Group Committee of the ALLG (Australian Lymphoma and Leukemia Group), Councillor of the Specialist Medical Review Council on multiple myeloma to the Australian Minister of Veterans' Affairs, and Advisor to the Myeloma Scientific Advisory Group (MSAG) for Myeloma Australia. A/Prof Quach has sub-speciality expertise in multiple myeloma, lymphoma, myeloproliferative disease and acute leukemia and has multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals.

Our Partners - Current partnerships

DLS Pathology Service works collaboratively with partners across the fields of pathology, laboratory science, digital technologies and finance.

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LucidLink provide DLS Pathology Services with a high-performance Cloud-native file service at affordable cost, with personalised support.




Smart Reporting offer fully integrated Image Analysis and Reporting services in Radiology and Pathology including applications supported and recommended by DLS Pathology Services.



Microvisioneer offer an innovative software and personalised support package allowing users to convert digital images directly into whole slide images (WSI) of a quality comparable to commercial whole slide scanners.