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DLS Pathology Services.

Helping local pathology services achieve their goals.

Sevice Model

Service Model

The best pathology service is a local pathology service.

DLS Pathology Services is committed to supporting local pathologists and laboratories. Our unique service model, based on scalable expert knowledge, helps clients achieve their goals, for today and the future. We specialise in one-on-one support, in consultation with our clients.


Don’t let your local expertise wither – nurture it with help from DLS Pathology Services.

Going Digital

The transition from analogue (glass-slide) pathology to digital pathology can seem bewildering as well as expensive.

DLS Pathology Services can help you find your way through the digital maze.

On a minimal budget? We can help you develop and deploy digital solutions as simple and cheap as live-streaming cases with a smartphone or digital camera. With a little more to spend you can step this up to affordable software packages that convert camera streams directly into whole slide images (WSI). For those with larger budgets, DLS Pathology Services in collaboration with partner services can help you choose and deploy whole slide scanners. And help with artificial intelligence (AI) solutions is definitely on the menu - just ask.

Whole Slide Scanners. Technology behind the innovation.

Roche Ventana DP200 scanner.jpg

Digital pathology whole-slide scanners have progressed a long way from the prototype models developed at the turn of the twenty-first century.

Whole-slide scanning is now becoming an affordable option for clinical services of any size. Converting the analogue information in a pathology glass slide into digital formats opens up an almost limitless world of image sharing, streaming, archiving and ...

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Going Digital
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