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DLS Pathology Services recognises that each pathology service has specific requirements and budgets. 
Accordingly, we offer several flexible pricing models focused on subscriptions, with other options open for negotiation.

Subscriptions offer an ideal way of a pathology service to access the support it needs, at affordable cost. No need to worry about which cases to seek help with – a subscription with DLS Pathology Services gives you guaranteed peace-of-mind for every problematic case, to help your pathologists develop and thrive.

DLS Pathology Services. Committed to local pathology support at affordable prices.


Get peace of mind without having to worry about case-by-case fees. DLS Pathology Services has a unique subscription model providing expert and prompt pathology support at affordable prices. Each subscription is tailored to fit the needs and expectations of our clients, with several levels to choose from depending on the volume and complexity of your pathology cases and your related needs.


In some circumstances, personalised reporting of your complex pathology cases is the best way to deliver a world-class service. DLS Pathology Services offers primary reporting to select clients via our Core Pathology and Extended Consultation Services, at costs negotiable with the client.


Sometimes the only way into the future is to step into the unknown. But what if costs are prohibitive? DLS Pathology Services recognises this problem and accordingly offers a pro bono pilot project scheme to selected clients, on a case-by-case basis.

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